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Our store is open year round! We carry a variety of produce, home goods, and everything you love! We started raising potatoes over 50 years ago. It is part of the reason our potatoes taste so good. We raise a number of varieties including Yukon Gold the buttery tasting yellow colored potato served in many gourmet dishes. The Russet Burbank, also known as the Wisconsin Baker. Its dry flaky quality makes for a great baked potato. Reds and other white potatoes are also available.

Known for its sweet corn in the summer, Klinger’s still lets you pick out the cobs you want. Also Fresh homegrown hand-picked tomatoes, peppers, melons, string beans, asparagus, peas, squash, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, beets, cucumbers, and brussel sprouts are available when in season. Buy by the pound or bushel for all your canning needs.

Fresh Wisconsin grown produce is also seasonably available and includes strawberries, apples, carrots, and onions.

In the early spring you will find the market full of packaged and bulk seeds you can buy by the ounce or pound. Set onions, onion plants, flowering bulbs, seed potatoes and just about everything you need to start your garden. Including some hard to find and unique seed varieties.

Klinger’s honey, local jams, jellies, maple syrup, and we also carry wild rice, dried peas, beans, popcorn, a variety of candy and gourmet chocolates year round. A full line of Sugar and Spice spices are also available. Be sure to check us out around the holidays for a great selection of holiday candy and nuts.

Shell corn, cracked corn, black oil sunflower, oriole and hummingbird nectar, specialty blends and a variety of other bird seed is available for all your wild life needs. We also carry a wide variety of bird seed feeders, oriole and hummingbird feeders for the bird lovers.

Klinger’s Own Honey

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